JEREMIAH DANIEL WELSH - low relief bronze (made to order)

Collection: JEREMIAH DANIEL WELSH - low relief bronze (made to order)

For the past twenty-five years Connecticut born artist JEREMIAH DANIEL WELSH has undertaken the full-time pursuit of mastery in and exploration of low relief sculpture. Fifteen of those years were spent as a contractual relief sculptor for Matthews International Bronze, generating plastiline originals for architectural metal-casting applications. This position afforded WELSH with the opportunity to engage dynamically diverse subject matter for governmental, nonprofit and private clientele across the United States and around the world.

While working professionally in bas relief bronze, WELSH has also had the pleasure of exhibiting his personal work within the United States and Japan – completing his first solo exhibition in Tokyo in January 2014. In 2015, WELSH returned to the United States permanently after spending three years living in Tokyo – where he flourished as a privately-funded fine art sculptor. 

JEREMIAH DANIEL WELSH was welcomed by the National Sculpture Society (NSS) as a newly elected member in 2016. Later in the same year, WELSH'S sculpture, Mayflies and Trout Rise, Okutama River, was awarded the Pietro and Alfrieda Montana Memorial Prize for “an outstanding work, either carved or cast” in the 83rd Annual Awards Exhibition at the Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina.

In 2017, WELSH completed his second solo exhibition of 31 low relief sculptures, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Concurrently, his work was also juried into the National Sculpture Society 84th Annual Awards Exhibition – once again appearing at the Brookgreen Gardens.

In 2018, his work was once again selected by jury to be included in the 85th Annual Awards Exhibition at the Brookgreen Gardens. Further, his accepted sculpture was selected as the featured promotional image for the 85th Annual Exhibition by NSS. In July of the same ear, WELSH's sculpture was juried into the NSS 86th Annual Awards Exhibition, where he won the Marcel Jovine President's Prize for his base relief, Northern Torsion, Pike and Buill. This work was later displayed at the NSS Gallery in Manhatten.

In 2020, WELSH's sculpture, Cormorant and Moon Jellyfish, was juried into the NSS 87th Annual Awards Exhibition - making it the fifth consecutive year that his work was accepted into this exclusive national show. This piece later won The Anna Hyatt Huntington Award and a Brookgreen Medal, thereby also securing a place at the NSS Gallery in Manhattan as part of The Prize Winner's Exhibition, 2020 - 2021.

Over the years WELSH's sculpture and commentary have been included in various publications. He has acted as a grant-funded community educator, a sculpture judge for the National Scholastic Art Show in Pennsylvania and has lectured in art educational settings both within the U.S. and abroad.

JEREMIAH DANIEL WELSH now resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he continues to pursue and explore his personal artistic vision through the ongoing development of his private sculptural collections.