Private Art Sales

Our Beliefs

At Wiford Gallery, we believe in the transformative power of art. Join us as we celebrate each masterpiece's beauty, rarity, and creativity. Together, let's ensure that fine art finds its rightful place among collectors who will cherish it, value it, and preserve it for future generations.

Our Commitment

Our motto at Wiford Gallery is "Art as Emissary." We understand the significance of art, including rare art, to the fabric of culture and society. Our mission is to elevate art as part of a larger conversation about truth, beauty, and goodness, allowing art to become part of each life on the way to creating a better world. 

Our commitment is to display these masterpieces when possible and find the perfect collectors who genuinely appreciate and resonate with the essence of each piece. 

Connecting with Collectors

At Wiford Gallery, we love what we do. Our entire ecosystem is based on a high standard of competence, talent, and loving what we do. We take pride in our ability to connect rare art with passionate collectors. When collectors enjoy working with us and allow us to assist them with their collections, we find it valuable for all parties.

When art comes to you or leaves you through our network and events, our team facilitates meaningful connections, ensuring art finds its way to individuals who cherish and value its significance.

More than Beautiful, Compelling

Anything done with excellence is a form of art.

If visual art inspires us and acts as an emissary to a better world, it is crucial to understand the context for art in society and the part art and artists play. If emissary, then to what kind of future is art an emissary? Art and creativity are essential in a community that elevates truth, beauty, and goodness.

At Wiford Gallery, we place beauty into the world thanks to the artists, patrons, and collectors who span every continent and industry. But art is not enough. Art is part of a broader conversation because art points us to higher standards of ethics, excellence, and, ultimately, meaningful service.

As complex and elegant as art is, our social systems, like the economic system, can also be. As the art conversation broadens to include design excellence, it will become clear that art and finance can and must serve elevated ethical purposes. For more insight into our campaigns, please plan to visit our blog regularly.

At Wiford Gallery, we use the movement and placement of art to encourage excellence in every part of life. We are also seeking to broaden the conversation  as you may perceive, to serve the cause of individual freedom expressed as meaningful service. We hope you will prefer us and join us along the way.

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