CROIX & JOACHIM - stone furniture

Collection: CROIX & JOACHIM - stone furniture

CROIX and JOACHIM are a formidable creative team. In this case, two are better than one. By partnering, these long-time friends' combined skill sets complement and improve the design, function, and aesthetic of their art and strengthen their brand.

Together, they explore sculpture collaboratively, focusing on functional art to make compelling and unique works in furniture. This arrival, making stone furniture, marks a return to the local land and nature they dearly love and admire, reconnecting them to what originally inspired them as children. 

CROIX WILLIAMSON was born to a happy, healthy, and loving artistic family in Texas, with a childhood blessed with frequent visits to his grandparents' Santa Fe, NM home. As an avid outdoorsman, WILLIAMSON found much inspiration from the canyons, rivers, and mountains of New Mexico and formed a deep connection to the southwestern landscape. 

Then, in WILLIAMSON'S youth, frequent traumatic hospitalizations colored his life with long retreats into the realm of his imagination. He found healing and a calling in the visual arts through art therapy. Having been exposed to the fine arts community of Santa Fe since a young age, he naturally found inspiration in many disciplines even as the exposure to art aided his healing. 

JOACHIM BRUNSON was born and raised in the ghost town of Madrid, New Mexico (just north of Santa Fe), BRUNSON grew up playing in the stony hills amongst the industrial wreckage of an abandoned coal industry that transformed into a thriving artist community. Broad exposure as a child to the art of the Madrid and Santa Fe communities provided a natural environment for BRUNSON to develop his artistic skills.