LYMAN WHITAKER - copper wind sculptures™

Collection: LYMAN WHITAKER - copper wind sculptures™

LYMAN WHITAKER has been a practicing sculptor for over 50 years, with a unique knowledge of materials and their application. The past 30 years have primarily been focused on creating wind sculptures™, each of which is produced by hand.

As a master in the kinetic sculpture discipline, LYMAN is known round the world. His sculptures are seen in museums, at the seaside, in urban areas, in public venues and back yards - a reflection of their wide appeal.

The wind sculptures™ are kinetic art that responds to the changing currents of the wind. LYMAN has created sculptures that are innovative, artistic and responsive to their surroundings. Each is hand-produced and has a high degree of mechanical integrity and quality craftsmanship.

His compositions can vary from single, 5 foot (1.5 m) tall pieces to "Wind Forests" consisting of groups of sculptures standing up to 27 foot (8.2 m) tall.