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J.D. Welsh

The Swan and the Alligator (/8)| 37.5" x 15"

The Swan and the Alligator (/8)| 37.5" x 15"

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medium: low relief bronze
size: 37.5" x 15"

Currently available by order only.
Unframed currently available within 12-13 weeks, framed 14-15 weeks.

Please inquire for current pricing as well as custom framing prices/options by artist (*The image pictured is of a finished resin casting. Bronze castings may be purchased at the quoted current price and can be finished as per the customer's request in hand rubbed liver of sulfur, ferric (gold colored patina) or silver nitrate.)



"...the swan that you present to society, the alligator that you know that you truly are...

The alligator then, the most honest self - submerged and protected by the most necessary and socially expected guardian swan.

The swan and the alligator symbiotically joint victims of the ever-present yet strategically distanced greater predator.

The true predator, a casual and careless marauder, who with easy unconcern by degreed degrades existence - diminishing sustenance through the auspices of the lowly, helpless and crucified worm.

Layers and polarities...A self portrait of the individual in society as well as one of social functionality at large.

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