JEREMIAH DANIEL WELSH - modernist paintings

Collection: JEREMIAH DANIEL WELSH - modernist paintings

Over 25 years as a professional realist sculptor, I have sought to revitalize the medium of low relief with fresh vigor - infusing my work with the visually kinetic energy of living things. Each piece that I have undertaken stands as an invitation into nature's wonderment and the offering of a second chance to embrace that which otherwise may have been overlooked. 

Now through the voice of Modernism, I am endeavoring to re-evaluate the knowledge that I have garnered during my years as a Realist sculptor and to express my subjects through an energetic clarification and distillation of shape and form - thereby exploring symbols, archetypes and the beauty of elemental geometry resident in nature. The works that have emerged are dynamic windows into and direct expressions of the underlying fractured and synchronous structural elements that are intrinsic to relief sculptures' intricate layering process.