Frequently Asked Questions for wind sculptures™ by LYMAN WHITAKER


How much wind is needed to start the movement of the wind sculpture™? 

The slightest breeze of just 2-3 mph will have the wind sculptures™ turning. You can enjoy them year around with their movement.

How difficult is installation of the wind sculpture™?

Installation is simple! 

Each wind sculpture™ comes with easy installation instructions and diagrams. If you have misplaced your instruction guide contact us for a new one. 

We also offer deck mounts. If you are interested in a deck mount contact us today. 

Do the wind sculptures™ require any maintenance? 

In each sculpture, Lyman Whitaker incorporates a high-quality, sealed, stainless steel bearing, which is incredibly resilient. These bearings require no oiling or any other maintenance. 

Can my wind sculpture™ be made taller? 

Yes! We offer extension poles to allow you to have your wind sculpture™ at the height desired. Call or contact us to discuss obtaining your extension pole.

How long will it take to receive my wind sculpture™? 

We provide a custom quote for shipping and anticipated arrival time per customer. It will take roughly 6-8 weeks from the date you order and 12-15 weeks for larger wind sculptures™. If we have one in stock, you are welcome to take it home with you or we can ship from the gallery to arrive in 1-2 weeks.

Do you recommend more than one wind sculpture™? 

Each wind sculpture™ is magical on its own, but they are also designed to be in groupings. Our Art Dealers are here to work with you on pairing your sculptures in your yard. Call or contact us today to discuss with an Art Dealer. 


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