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J.D. Welsh

Mountain Song | 36" x 24" |

Mountain Song | 36" x 24" |

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medium: oil on canvas
size: 36" x 24"

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Amidst my rambles, I have heard the song of elk resonating through the forest and in wonderment I have felt the thrill of that impassioned bugling as it echoed from ridge to valley.

In response to that experience, I originally sculpted Bugler on the Ridge as a symbol of the importance of each individual voice - and in acknowledgment of the personal courage required to speak forth clearly & with strength of purpose, the call of one's convictions.

About Mountain Song: Drawing upon both iconography & calligraphy - with structural elements inspired by Japanese woodblock printing, Cubism & Art Deco - I completed the composition of Mountain Song as a Modernist re-thinking of my realist piece, Bugler on the Ridge - and I am genuinely excited by the lyrical musicality that has resulted in the painted work.

Sculpture and Painting Dialogue:

"If one is to speak, let it be bold, earnest and honest - resounding with conviction and determination. And let it resonate with the wonderful uniqueness of one individual spirit marking its fleeting place amidst the flow of time's passage"


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