Ryan Steffens

Growing up in the wide-open areas of New Mexico, Ryan Steffens had many opportunities to develop his passion for stone. Whether he was spending his summers exploring in a high mountain range, a desolate rocky desert or an abandoned mine shaft, Ryan always found something that caught his eye. He was always in search of and would collect any interesting stone, continually fascinated by the patterns, colors, and textures he had discovered. Ryan had a very successful landscaping business that he founded in 1994. His business became well known and respected for its excellent ethics and creative stone concepts that instilled raw unique art into landscaping.

After he spent a significant amount of time working with landscapes, Ryan was further inspired and began working more exclusively with stone and, even more so, fountains. His experience with landscaping provided him with the necessary skills he needed to expand his work and mentor himself in the art of stone sculpting and fountain design. During that time, Ryan designed and developed many of the tools that he used, and he still uses many of them to this day. Over the last few years he has perfected his vision of transforming a simple stone into an object of wonder. The transformation from a piece of stone to a work of art takes place at his ranch, not far from Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Ryan has been known for his passion and meticulous scrutiny of the raw materials that are used in his hand-crafted water sculptures. This passion has taken him from the US to Mexico, China and Australia. Whenever possible, Ryan will hand pick his pieces of stone to work with. He feels that it’s better to search for the right piece, keeping it in a natural raw state and then incorporating his visions with the stone. He has always preferred to work with larger pieces of stone. Their sheer size presents a welcoming challenge as well as a lasting impression. The types of stones Ryan uses – such as Onyx and Quartz – are also a challenge to cut into. When people see these larger than life works, they leave with a memory that will not soon be forgotten.

Ryan uses many different types of stone including onyx from the Grand Canyon area; travertine and sandstone from New Mexico; limestone, sandstone, and calcite from Utah; onyx and marble from Mexico. Most of the stones he uses are from the Southwestern United States. He also uses petrified wood in his creations.

“Living Art” is a term Ryan uses to describe his work. He feels that bringing together the elements stone, water, and light creates a sense of life. When all of these aspects are combined, it makes for a truly exquisite piece of art. Ryan has established himself as the forerunner in stone fountain artistry, creating pieces that are truly one of a kind.