Price Guarantee

Wiford Gallery wants to serve your family for generation to come. We have the privilege of serving the best art collectors and hold exclusive representation with some exceptionally talented artists.
However, some of our artists also show at other galleries in some instances. For example, LYMAN WHITAKER exhibits at a dozen or more galleries. LYMAN WHITAKER  has a firm pricing policy and wants his galleries to compete based on service, not price. Therefore, the artist's agreement with all galleries is identical regarding pricing. 

Wiford Gallery offers a PRICE GUARANTEE on any artwork represented at Wiford Gallery, including associated shipping costs -- to encourage a focus on service. If you find another gallery willing to sell LYMAN WHITAKER 's work for a lesser price, LYMAN WHITAKER authorizes Wiford Gallery to surpass that lower price, and we will. 

It is our great privilege to put beauty into the world. If you see the art here, please choose to work with us at Wiford Gallery, so we can continue to support our families and our artists.

Thank you for working with us at Wiford Gallery and for your support of the arts! 

- The Wiford Gallery Team

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