People gravitate to my work because they see the artist finding the stones with high pattern and design interest, naturally, and he isn't intruding on the natural design of the stone but rather creating designs that heighten the visual quality of the natural design.
Over the years I’ve developed a keen eye for a stone’s potential. Almost instantly from the shape or the patterns in the rock, I see what cutting needs to happen and how to work with it. Those are the two things I look for: overall shape, and patterns throughout the rock.
Why do I call these stone sculptures Living Art? I try to bring public and private outdoor spaces to life. Stone is the foundation, where water is constantly moving as part of a living ecosystem. I begin with the basic elements: water and stone and fire (or some form of light), first. My first inclination is toward the elements. How can something have light, and water, and be solid and living? That’s what this Living Art, these Stone and Water Sculptures, explore.