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J.D. Welsh

Reaction Time - The Lizard and the Roadrunner (/10) | 18" x 13.5" |

Reaction Time - The Lizard and the Roadrunner (/10) | 18" x 13.5" |

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medium: low relief bronze
size: 18 x 13.5 x .37 in

Currently available by order only.
Unframed currently available within 12-13 weeks, framed 14-15 weeks.
Please inquire for custom framing prices by artist.
Shipping quote provided upon purchase.


"This, is a trying and thorny world in which even the most dangerous and seemingly well-appointed of predators teeters at the edge of starvation and demise. All too often a split second is all that can be afforded - and in that most primal of moments what matters most is ... reaction time."

Reaction Time's composition "is built upon the Japanese Shide or 'Lighting Wand' which is hung outside of temples and shrines in Japan as an invocation of hope and good luck in future ventures. It is also based upon the archetypical symbol of the 'zig-zag' which is manifested throughout the ages as a design in textile, architectural decoration and tattoo. Sometimes describes as a symbol of speed, the altered path or the vicissitudes of nature - it is an ancient symbol which ties people from many lands together over far-reaching time.

The conceptual nature of this piece is related to an exploration of the treacherous nature of velocity when change becomes necessary. (Objects in motion do indeed tend to stay in motion.) It is a celebration of the idea of looking into nature to learn about oneself - an extension of the animal ancestor narrative and a social metaphor for life within a culture constantly chasing after that which quite narrowly outpaces it. Further it celebrates the demands of said struggle as it is manifested in the required folding of self between directionality of commitment and constantly shifting desires and demands.

This is the first piece I undertook when I relocated from Japan to my new home in Southern Colorado. In many ways it is a manifestation of the amalgamation of my two very different lives and selves - a blending of the Eastern and Western within a motif of swiftness and momentum." ~ JEREMIAH DANIEL WELSH

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