L. Scooter Morris

Sculpted Paintings is a term that Ms. Morris uses to describe the unique signature and style of these paintings. Texture is used in these paintings to create a layered and complex visual form of depth where the light and color interact to create a sculpted image. The artist creates in her work abstractions that people do not see in ordinary life but which they will be able to recognize.

L. Scooter Morris was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she received her early training. Ms. Morris studied formally at the Tyler School of Art. She continued her education in Rome, Italy and the University of Southern California.

Ms. Morris began her professional career as a jeweler in Pittsburgh and has worked in various media including: painting, sculpture and design.

The artist's paintings have appeared in galleries both in the United states and abroad. Her work has for the past thirty years dealt with the combination and integration of color, light and the texture created by placing canvas on canvas.

In her most recent offerings of pastoral landscapes and American flag landscapes, time and space are also introduced. What has emerged in her work is a rare combination of fine art and iconic image that bridges the contours of our land and the experience of generations of Americans - through war and peace, the rise and fall of industries, fads, trends, and ideals.

L. Scooter Morris is an artist who elicits joy and fun while somehow balancing that with more serious subjects. Her work is beautiful, engaging, unique and thought provoking. She has crossed a bridge in the fine art world, where the quality of her work is surpassed only by the power of her imagery.