J. Christopher White

J. Christopher White is fast becoming one of the foremost wood sculpture artists of our time. His diversity of subject matter places him in a category all of his own, wood carvings of western art, bird sculptures, fish sculptures, Christian art, human forms and abstract, are all easily recognized as expressing White’s “signature style”. Wood sculpture is a unique form of sculpture in today's world of mass production. Single, one of a kind sculptures, do not produce much secondary income in proportion to the effort put forth and in comparison to other reproducible medias.

J. Christopher White is a truly unique combination of sculptor and poet. His studies in Wildlife Biology at Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas) and five years of studying human anatomy at the National Institute of Fine Arts (San Miguel de Allende, Guanajato) in Mexico are both evidenced in his portfolio of birds, fish, mammals and moving depictions of men, women and children. White’s signature style of realism flowing into stylized forms and ultimately abstract bands of fluid twist and spins, has continually won him top honors at national and international competitions, including Best of Show at the International Woodcarver’s Congress in 1994.

Exquisite craftsmanship, truly unique design and moving pointed messages have served to place pieces in museums and private collections internationally. Christopher currently resides in Loveland, Colorado with his wife Sharlane and their two children, Brent and Kirsten. Although a Colorado resident he still travels to Texas several times a year to collect wood.