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Why Our Collectors Love Wind Sculptures



We love how much our Collectors love the Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures™.

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  "On a couple of trips to Santa Fe, I went to the Wiford Gallery and was amazed by the wind sculptures by artist, Lyman Whitaker.   The second time I saw the sculptures, I decided that they were  so much fun and so fascinating to watch that  I wanted to take a couple of them home.  They are now in my front yard next to a Japanese maple and a Magnolia tree and along with the Cedar tree grove make a great landscape combination.  It gives a sense of being in a meditation garden and makes me very glad that I made the decision to add them to my home. They are always a lot of fun to watch." - Diana      



"We couldn’t be more pleased with the wind sculpture we purchased from Wiford Gallery. It is beautiful and looks as perfect as it did the day we bought it six years ago! My husband and I gave it to each other as an anniversary gift so It will always be special to us. Love it!" 

  "My husband and I have visited Wiford Gallery twice, 13 years apart. The first time we had been staying at La Posada and their lovely grounds had fabulous wind sculptures and they directed us to Wiford Gallery. We purchased a copper tulip which we place in our garden in St. Simons Island, GA. 13 years later we went back, again stayed at La Posada and walked to Wilford Gallery and purchased another Lyman Whitaker wind sculpture, this time in stainless steel. We built a new home and they both sit beautifully in our gardens which face a golf course. Both visits to the Wiford Gallery were so impressive. So much magnificent art and their staff is so knowledgeable, kind and patient. They have shipped both wind sculptures to our homes and they arrive in perfect condition. We encourage everyone to visit their gallery…bet you’ll come home with a new purchase which you will treasure forever." - Mary from Georgia  

  "We still enjoy our wind sculpture very much. It has held up well through many years of Oklahoma winds. We did relocate it from the east side of the house to the west side long ago so it could work more efficiently. Being in the front yard, it has received much attention. Definitely a great impulse purchase!" - Kevin & Beverly from Oklahoma  

  "I enjoyed my wind sculpture for many years in 2 different beautiful gardens. Last year I gifted the Nautilus to my granddaughter as a wedding gift. It now resides in a lovely city garden."  


"It doesn’t seem like too many years ago that we came across the Wiford Gallery.  We were fascinated by the wind sculptures and drove home talking about them.  Not much time passed, and we were back deciding on which one we wanted.  We had “out of town guests” who helped us decide on the Double Spinner.
Soon we were back to get a couple from the Element Series, Earth and Water, to place on each side.  These were followed by the Desert Flame and most recently the Agave. They have never ceased to provide relaxing fascination.  It is always so nice to look out into the back garden and see our collection of art moving in the breeze.
We recently added some solar flood lights so that even in darkness we can enjoy them. Finally, the mechanical integrity is outstanding.  The first sculpture works perfectly, just like the most recent addition." - Nigel & Judy from Corrales, NM   



"We are in love with our double helix and our tulip. We have the helix on our hill overlooking the canyon in San Diego and a few weeks ago we sustained 45 mph winds. The sculpture looked liked a rocket ready to take off but was so sturdy and strong. We wished you could have seen it spinning around. In the end the piece had Total integrity. What a joy to have these. We just can’t tell you how much enjoyment they bring to us everyday. Thank you!" - Nancy I.

  "While visiting Santa Fe a must stop is Wiford Gallery. We just love to sit in the garden area and watch the wind sculptors. We have invested in three sculptures and love each one. The folks at Wiford Gallery are great and so easy to work with. Looking forward to a visit soon!" - Alyce


  "We happened upon your gallery while walking with our daughter – WHAT A MAGICAL SURPRISE! After meandering through, we decided there was one sculpture that truly spoke to us. It is so pleasant and relaxing to look out my window onto the sculpture dancing in the wind." - Nancy S.  


Photos from our Collectors who love their Wind Sculptures



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