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J.D. Welsh - Cotton Castings





"After four years of study, research, testing, and development - I am thrilled to present the newest generation of my sculptural work in cast cotton fiber. Both delicate and remarkably durable, these castings are initially created from the fine fibers that 

are left over when the cotton ginning process is completed. Each of my cotton castings then makes its way through an extensive curing, hardening, sealing and stabilizing process of my own prototypical design & development. Every casting is uniquely organic and remarkably precise to the original; manifesting fine details - while at the same time, richly modulated with the texture and beautiful anomalies indicative of the medium."

The J.D. Welsh Cast Cotton Collection...Easily hang-able, beautifully organic, thoughtfully created with care, artistry and craft.

-J.D. Welsh, 2022




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